Meeting Notes and Pictures for SR Integration

Some of them are "visual notes" as screen shots from the whiteboardto summaries issues. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Next Meeting to be scheduled

Present Action list

Installation of services support in SR1

Meeting 30/4/03 Sr cooling sytem and Status of SR

Followup: Dry air supply for SR1

Meeting 26/3/03 Sr DCS amd Status of SR

Meeting 19/3/03 Move to Sr

Status SR1 21/2/03

Services management for ID in SR1 (routing ofcable trays in SR1 10/12/02)

Status SR1 5/12/02

Pictures from visit to Oxford(6/12/02)

Meeting 27/11/02 discussion on servicesrouting/support in SR1

StatusSR1 (15/11/02)

Meeting 13/10/02: Evap Cooling system forSR1 (Vic's transparencies)

ST-ELdrawings for electrical distribution in SR1 (please send comments until5-NOV-2002)

Integration discussion 30/10/02 and SR1 status 31/10/02

Equipment and Tool inventorylist in EDMS

Movementsof SCT detector parts in test and assembly area (initial discussion 23/10,to be updated)

Status SR1meeting (22/10/02)

Building layoutsfrom CDD   (this is a drawing for the ventilation but it shows thebasic layout)

StatusSR1  (15/10/02)

StatusSR1 meeting (30/9/02)

MinutesSR1 meeting (14/8/02)

SCTIntegration meeting Oxford 12/08/02

SRmeeting regarding space sharing in 2003/4 in SR1 assembly area (10/7/02)

SCT integration meeting valencia12-18/06/02

SCTIntegration meeting 29-Apr-02



Presentation SCT/ID steering group (19-20/3/02)

Presentation SCT& TRT week Feb 02






Documentsin EDMS